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HEY! I'm Devyn :) the girl behind the camera.

I am a wedding & destination photographer located in East Tennessee but will travel anywhere! I'm the owner of Documented by Devyn, and have been in the photography business for 6 years now. I'm 26, and I started taking photos for fun at 18, and slowly transitioned it into my full-time career! Photography is my job, but also my passion. I love getting to explore new places with new people. 

My inspiration for photography came from my mom. When I was little, she was always photographing me and my younger brother, and tried to document everything she could as we grew up, and she still does! There are so many memories captured that I would not have if my mom did not take the time to document them. That is where "Documented by Devyn" derived from.

As a photographer, documentation is so important, whether it be the moment your partner asks you to marry them, the kiss at the end of saying "I do", or the adventure of eloping. My clients can count on me for delivering professional images, but they also to build a friendship with them. I'm there for nervous hugs before they walk down the aisle. I'll make you laugh with The Office quotes just so I can get THE picture, and I'll party with you at your reception and celebrate you like no other. 

I always say I want my photography to feel raw & authentic. The memories I document are real moments with real people. I take pride in knowing my clients trust me to capture their most precious moments, and I am so thankful to be given that opportunity. These moments are your life, and they deserve to be documented.

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